FOGACCI Vapor Control ® The only indirect steam cooking system

  Indirect Steam

The feature that makes FOGACCI® vapor control® truly unique and different from any other product is its double-walled stainless steel construction, with a special steam-forming cavity.

100%   Made in Italy
  Constant temperature of 105°

When the FOGACCI® vapor control® pot is placed on a lit cooktop, the water in the cavity heats up, starts boiling and produces steam. A valve then controls the intensity of the steam and guarantees a strictly constant temperature that never exceeds 105°C.

  No more burnt food

FOGACCI® vapor control® allows food to be cooked without being in direct contact with a flame or hot plate, but purely with the gentle indirect heat of steam. This keeps the internal temperature of the pot constant and never exceeding 105°C, which is ideal for cooking any food, without having to stir, or worry about sticking or burning.