FOGACCI Vapor Control ® The only indirect steam cooking system

Cooking well, with health in mind.

means being able to easily prepare any food without the worry of having to constantly check on its cooking, without the risk of the food sticking to the pan, or worse, burning, but, above all, it means being able to prepare your favourite dishes, from the simplest to the tastiest, so that they are more nutritious and more easily digestible.

To cook well, you need a temperature that is as moderate, uniform and constant as possible, which most ordinary pots and pans cannot guarantee. With FOGACCI® vapor control® there’s no risk of burning and no need to constantly stir, so you can cook all kinds of food to perfection, such as the richest and most flavour-packed vegetables, stews and sauces and meat sauce. Risottos, soups, jams, marmalades and baby food, cooked at just the right temperature, can also be left forgotten on the stove for the entire cooking time, without lumps forming, and with only the very best results.

Lighter, healthier, and more digestible.

Thinking about health means cooking food without altering or breaking down the natural nutrients contained in the food.

Vegetables, for example, cooked using FOGACCI® vapor control® without water and at a constant temperature never exceeding 105°C, retain all their mineral and vitamin content, as well as cellulose, which is essential for digestive processes.

Furthermore, fats and oils cooked with FOGACCI® vapor control® at low temperatures, since they cannot burn, do not oxidise or decompose. To cook well, with health in mind, the choice of cooking method is therefore crucial. With FOGACCI® vapor control® at low temperatures they do not oxidize or decompose, as they cannot burn. To cook well, with health in mind, the choice of cooking method is therefore crucial. That’s why FOGACCI® vapor control® is a modern, innovative cooking system essential for every home and professional kitchen.

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