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Pod-based espresso coffee machine.
Easy-to-use, "sturdy" and reliable over time.
The central closing system ensures comfortable use for left-handed users as well.
Ideal for both office or home use.
Available in the coffee and steam or coffee and hot water versions.
The aluminium heat exchanger equipped with the Supercream System ensures excellent espresso coffee.

Technical Specifications

Application/version: espresso
Type of product: pods
Pod size: 38 mm / 44 mm (ESE type)
Heat exchanger for coffee: made of aluminium*, equipped with Supercream System
Heat exchanger for steam: independent
Product dispensed: coffee + steam / coffee + hot water
Tank: removable
Anti-limescale filter: standard
Coffee unit pump: vibration pump
Steam unit pump: vibration pump
Operating thermostat: standard, automatic reloading
Safety thermostat: standard, manual reloading
Approval: CE
FOGACCI products are manufactured in conformity to the norms governing the guarantee marks of the various countries in which they are distributed.

Accessories-optional features

Deconto Programmer: hardware/software application for programming/controlling coffee dispensing at the final customer
38 mm pod holder

Technical Data

Power supply: 230V - 50 Hz / 110V - 60 Hz / 100V - 60 Hz / 24V
Power consumption: 1,250 W
Pressure pump: 15 bar
Water tank* capacity: 2 l
Dimensions (WxDxH): 160x340x330 mm
Weight: 8.5 kg
Casing: metal-stainless steel
Colour: black-steel

*food grade
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