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Pod-based espresso coffee machine.
Easy-to-use, "sturdy" and reliable over time.
The central closing system ensures comfortable use for left-handed users as well.
The colours available for this model - yellow/steel or black/steel - add a charming, modern touch. Ideal for both office or home use.
Available in the coffee version.
The aluminium heat exchanger equipped with the Supercream System ensures excellent espresso coffee.

Technical Specifications

Application/version: espresso
Type of product: pods
Pod size: 38 mm / 44 mm (ESE type)
Heat exchanger: made of aluminium*, equipped with Supercream System
Product dispensed: coffee
Anti-limescale filter: standard
Coffee unit pump: vibration pump
Operating thermostat: standard, automatic reloading
Safety thermostat: standard, manual reloading
Approval: CE
FOGACCI products are manufactured in conformity to the norms governing the guarantee marks of the various countries in which they are manufactured.

Accessories-optional features

Deconto Programmer: hardware/software application for programming/controlling coffee dispensing at the final customer
38 mm pod holder

Technical Data

Power supply: 230V - 50 Hz / 110V - 60 Hz / 100V - 60 Hz / 24V
Power consumption: 500 W
Pressure pump: 15 bar
Independent tank*: 2 l
Dimensions (WxDxH): 160x340x330 mm
Weight: 7.5 kg
Casingv: metal-stainless steel
Colour: black-steel / red-steel / yellow-steel

*food grade

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