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More lightness,
more digeribility,
more well-being

Thinking about health, means cooking the food without impairing or decomposing the natural nutritional substances of the food. Vegetables, for example, cooked without water at moderate temperature, retain their content of salts and vitamins unimpaired, as well as their contribution of cellulose, essential in order to optimise the digestive process.
Fats and oils, moreover, do not oxidise at low temperatures, nor do they decompose, as they cannot burn.

To cook well, taking health into account, the method of cooking is thus decisive.
And it is precisely to a study of cooking systems that combine practicality in use, richness of flavour and digestibility of the food that Fogacci has directed its activity, devising Vapor Control steam saucepans.

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To cook well, taking health into account.

Means being able to prepare any food easily, without the worry of continually having to look at the cooking, without risk of the food sticking or, even worse, burning; but it means above all being able to prepare favourite foods, from the simplest to tastiest, so that they are more nourishing and easily digestible.

To cook well, you must use a temperature as moderate, uniform and constant as possible, which cannot in general be guaranteed by normal saucepans. In this way, without risk of burning and without continually stirring, you can prepare any kind of food, such as stews, vegetables, hashes, gravies and sauces, that are always perfect and full of taste. Rice dishes, creams, jams, or baby-foods, if cooked at the right temperature, can be forgotten on the stove for the whole cooking time without going lumpy and with still excellent results.

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